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Dundalk & Drogheda!

Would you like your child to learn music?

Music is the universal language. Your child is only few short weeks away from learning musical basics that will help them the rest of their life.

We can teach your child to read music and carry a beat.

Contact us for more details on how your child's school can organise a three week taster programme, our innovative blend of classical and traditional training introduction.

Looking to cultivate your child's talent?

At Grow Music, we inspire musical confidence so that your child can meet their goals. Learning to play an instrument, read music, find the pulse, compose music, perform in public are all achievements your child can have with our help.

Musical achievement comes with practice and a great teacher.

Our teachers are all successful musicians with decades of teaching experience between them. They are friendly, down-to-earth people that are dedicated to growing musical talent.


We are dedicated to cultivating children’s musical talent in Louth, Meath and Monaghan.
  • Teamwork

    Learning to play music in groups has many advantages. Children learn how to help each other succeed. Groups learn timing and rhythm so they can play together. Cultivating musical talent in groups builds teamwork.

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    Children have vivid imaginations. Their creative potential is fantastic and with guidance they can compose music. Your child can learn to express themselves in music. Musical expression helps children grow in confidence and gives them future career options.

  • Acheivements

    Achievements in music help to shape children’s sense of self. We focus on opportunities to perform at recitals and concerts. Grow Music also helps children to learn how to read music and achieve success at their music grades (RIAM or ABRSM).


Our school of music offers many different programmes. If there is a programme you want to learn more about, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss all the details.
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Master an instrument
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Drum Circle, Chamber Music
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Full Strings Programme
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Click on our pictures to read all about our team and listen to their music. Be sure to read about how Grow Music came to be and where we are going.

Grow Music

How we started and where we plan to go.

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Music Lessons for Louth, Meath & Monaghan

After years of teaching music within the current government funded model, our team was ready to create their own school of music. Our team realised that quality music lessons start with quality musicians. We found the use of innovative technology can eliminate the admin headaches that make it difficult for parents to schedule and maintain their child’s musical education. Our team’s approach to teaching groups in primary schools blends the music reading skills of classical music lessons with the learn-by-ear skills of Irish trad. This approach creates a more flexible young musician. Frequent performances and the encouragement of musical composition grow a child’s talents quickly. Children are eager to practice and attend lessons when they have real goals to achieve.


Cultivating Talent

Growing children's raw musical potential into...

Talented Musicians

Setting up children with the skills to succeed in musical aptitude, performance and composition.