Welcome to Grow Music!

Grow Music aims to be the most responsive, warm and friendly school of music in the Irish North East. Our focus is on meeting our student’s musical needs first. Our experienced music teachers are intuitive; our students become proud and confident musicians. Grow Music was founded by the talented musician, Heather Oakes.

Grow Music’s superior ability to grow musical skill is managed through the use of technology to streamline scheduling and promote student practice. We also have performances at Co. Louth’s premier stages in the An Táin Arts Centre. High profile performances builds musical confidence quickly and offers incentive, motivating our students to stretch their musical limits. Our teachers are well versed in teaching musical composition. Nothing motivates students more than equipping them with the tools they need to create their own musical art.

If you are interested in learning more about our studios or our studio policy please click on the links below.

  • Studio Policy

    Information on lesson fees, details on insurance, child protection policy and much more…

  • An Táin Arts Centre School of Music

    Looking for music lessons in Dundalk? Sign up here to join us in the An Táin Arts Centre.

  • Grow Music Primary School Enquiry Form

    Click here if you want more information about bringing Grow Music to your child’s primary school.

  • Grow Music Application Form

    Music Teacher? Apply here. We are always interested in talking to new teacher candidates. Come work in a comfortable business model that always treats you with respect and fairness.